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The Quality Migration Admission scheme in Hong Kong, also known as QMAS, is an example of a quota-based entrant scheme. To strengthen Hong Kong’s position as a viable economic competitor, this initiative seeks to entice people with exceptional abilities or skills to make the city their permanent home. Applicants are not required to have a job offer waiting for them when they arrive in the territory if they are successful. 

All applicants must satisfy a set of prerequisites based on the points awarded on either of the two tests, namely the General Points Test and the Achievement-based Points Test. If applicants successfully obtain residency under the Quality Migration Admission Scheme, they can bring their spouse and unmarried dependent children under 18 to Hong Kong. However, successful applicants must be able to provide for their dependents using their financial resources rather than relying on public assistance in Hong Kong.

General Points Test

Points Test

Processing Time
for Quality Migrant
Admission Scheme

General Points Test

After calculation, the General Points Test under the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme assigns a score based on your age, the nature of your family, the years of experience in the workforce, and the degrees you’ve earned. At this time, you need to make a minimum of 80 points to pass; however, the minimum number of points required to pass may change at some point in the future. The highest possible score is 245.

Achievement-based Points Test

The achievement-based points test under the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme aims to reach people with outstanding success and exceptional talents or abilities. These individuals are the target audience for the test. The standards for this test are pretty severe and demanding. The applicants’ previous experiences and successes are taken into consideration. For the applicants to be successful, they must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Awarded a commendation for excellent achievements, such as the Olympic Medal, the Nobel Prize, or one of the many other prizes that can be found nationally or internationally.
  • Recognized for their work by those who worked in the same field at the same time as them or for making a substantial contribution to the progress of their area of expertise, such as by receiving a lifetime achievement award from a specific industry for their work.

Processing Time for Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS):

The qmas visa application process for the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme typically takes between 6 and 18 months from submission.

Eligibility – Who Can and Cannot Apply for the Hong Kong QMAS Visa?

To be eligible to apply for the Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, the applicant must meet the following requirements: age, financial requirements, absence of a criminal record or adverse immigration record, language proficiency, and a minimum educational qualification. Please see below for a summary of the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme requirements:

  • Age and Academic Background: at least 18 years old and a bachelor’s degree;
  • Financial requirement: The Hong Kong QMAS visa applicant must demonstrate that they can pay for their housing and other living expenses in Hong Kong without relying on public assistance.
  • No criminal record nor adverse immigration record.
  • Language proficiency: The Hong Kong QMAS visa applicant possesses an excellent command of Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) or/and English; certification in this regard is required.
  • All QMAS applicants can earn points by passing either the General Points Test or the Achievement-based Points Test; the minimum passing score for the General Points Test is 80 points, and the minimum passing score for the Achievement-based Points Test is 245 points.
  • On the QMAS General Points Test, six factors contribute to the total score. Before applying for a Hong Kong QMAS visa, applicants should evaluate whether or not their credentials are sufficient to meet the minimum requirements.
  • For the Achievement-based Points Test under the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme, there is a single point-scoring factor: determining whether the Hong Kong QMAS visa applicant has exceptional accomplishments demonstrating exceptional talent or skills. The requirements for this examination are stringent. The QMAS applicant must meet at least one of the following:
  1. The QMAS applicant has been awarded for exceptional achievements, such as Olympic medals, the Nobel Prize, or national/international awards; OR 
  2. The QMAS applicant can demonstrate that they have been recognized by their peers in the industry or have made significant contributions to the development of their industry (such as receiving a lifetime achievement award from their sector).

Please do not hesitate to contact our HkPro visa consultants if you have queries about your QMAS visa application for an appraisal of your eligibility to apply for the QMAS visa. Before applying for a Hong Kong QMAS visa, our knowledgeable consultant will guide you regarding the point tests you may select and assist you in evaluating the points to guide you in obtaining the QMAS visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Talent List would showcase the global talent pool and which specific professions are needed most for Hong Kong’s ongoing economic development to attract talented people worldwide to relocate to Hong Kong. This is done to encourage talented people from all over the world to move to Hong Kong. Because of this, Hong Kong could maintain its position at the top of the rankings for its different industries worldwide.

Individuals whose careers are featured on the Talent List can apply for permanent residency in Hong Kong through the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS). Applicants to the QMAS who meet the qualification standards of the various professions on the Talent List will receive a 30-point boost on the General Points Test of the QMAS; however, the minimum score required to pass will continue to be 80.

During the process of evaluation, the requirements for each profession on the Talent List that are listed will be taken into consideration. Approved applicants who present the necessary documentation and demonstrate that they satisfy the requirements will be awarded 30 points under the General Points Test of the QMAS.
To evaluate whether or not the applicant satisfies the qualifying standards for the specific profession mentioned on the Talent List, the Immigration Department may also seek the assistance of relevant government offices, departments, and professional organizations. It is possible to make this determination to find out whether or not the candidate is qualified for the Talent List.

Source: Talent List Hong Kong
Are you from these Professions in the Talent List of Hong Kong? Hong Kong welcomes you!
– Professionals in Compliance in Asset Management
– Financial Professionals in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)
– Waste Treatment Specialists
– Asset Management Professionals
– Marine Insurance Professionals
– Actuaries
– Fintech Professionals
– Data Scientists & Cyber Security Specialists
– Innovation and Technology Experts
– Naval Architects
– Marine Engineers & Superintendents of Ships
– Creative Industries and Performing Arts Professionals
– Dispute Resolution Professionals & Transactional Lawyers

As a result of the changes made to the point system, the highest possible score on the General Points Test has been increased to 245. The minimum score of 80 points required for passing has stayed the same. The Achievement-based Points Test has a maximum point value of 245. Those deemed to have satisfied one of the requirements for this examination will be awarded 245 points; in all other cases, no points will be given out. Applications that do not get points based on these criteria will be rejected without further consideration.

For QMAS applications, it is optional to have a job offer before applying if the applicant is highly skilled and talented and has the potential to increase Hong Kong’s economic competitiveness in the global market.

HkPro provides a consultancy service for individuals seeking advice on the paperwork necessary to apply for qmas visas. This comes in the form of our consultants developing a specialized document checklist for each application for a QMAS visa. Our visa advisers will fill out all immigration forms on the applicant’s behalf and submit them on their behalf. We are going to organize the documents that the applicant has presented to us. Then we are going to look them through to make sure that they comply with the immigration policy and that they support the applicant’s application for a QMAS visa. If the applicant cannot procure the required documents, we will offer suggestions for alternative documents that can be sent to the Immigration Department.


As soon as the applicant’s supporting documents have been collected by our visa consultants, who will then submit the forms to the Immigration Department on the applicant’s behalf, we take care of the ongoing process of liaising with Immigration and respond on behalf of the applicant to all questions regarding the visa applicant’s submission. This is done on behalf of the applicant.

We also maintain a close eye on the process of applying for a QMAS visa, and we will keep the applicant updated on the progress of their QMAS visa application until the point at which the QMAS visa is granted. We will collect the QMAS visa on the applicant’s behalf, and once the visa has been successfully approved, we will arrange to have it delivered to the applicant.

Additional information

Student visa holders are not permitted to work without permission from the Immigration Department.

Entry of Dependants for QMAS application

Applicants under the QMAS application may apply to bring in their spouse via a Dependant visa application.


Those who are admitted under the QMAS visa application or apply for admission under the QMAS visa application will act as sponsors for their dependents in Hong Kong. Typically, the length of time their dependents may remain in the country is tied to that of their sponsors.


QMAS visa applicants interested in participating in the QMAS application are cautioned to include applications for dependent visas or entry permits for all family members accompanying them in their entry applications. 


Suppose the applicant is claiming points under the General Points Test in their QMAS application based on the level of education of the accompanying spouse/or the number of accompanying unmarried dependent children under 18. In that case, the QMAS visa applicant must also submit dependant visa/entry permit applications for the accompanying family members within their QMAS application. These applications must be submitted simultaneously with the QMAS application.