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The training visa in Hong Kong is an immigration program for employers who wish to bring a foreign national to Hong Kong for 6 to 12 months to complete a specialized training program.

The Training Visa for Hong Kong is typically valid for up to 12 months. It allows persons who are obliged to come to Hong Kong to obtain training in skills relating to their current occupation or for students participating in internships here.

Training Visa holders may bring their spouses and children into Hong Kong if they still need to possess a valid visa; spouses and children may apply for Dependent Visas to enter Hong Kong.

A person entering Hong Kong as a trainer offering training to local staff cannot be considered under this category. They should apply for a regular work visa.

Standard processing time is roughly four weeks from the submission date. Upon completion of their program, training visa holders should return to their home countries. They are not permitted to remain and convert their status from a training visa to a regular work visa.

This category is also open to nationals of the PRC (People’s Republic of China), provided they meet the requirements.

Processing Time for Hong Kong Training Visa Application:

  • Normal processing time for training visa applications in Hong Kong is between four and six weeks after submission.


Once a training visa is obtained, the initial visa is valid for a maximum of 12 months (sometimes less).

If the training period is six months or longer, the candidate may apply for a Hong Kong Identity Card once the training visa has been approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The applicant should have no criminal background and no security concerns.
  • The qualifications of both the candidate and the sponsoring organization must be sufficient.
  • The applicant’s sponsoring organization must be well-established and financially equipped to support the training.
  • A contract must exist between the candidate and the sponsoring company.
  • The sponsoring employer must provide written assurance that the applicant will get training on company premises and return to their home country after the training period. Additionally, the company is responsible for the applicant’s upkeep and repatriation.
  • The suggested training program’s content and duration must be justified.
  • Under Hong Kong’s current dependant policy, it is permissible to add your spouse or partner and dependent children under 18 on your training visa.
  • Your application for a Hong Kong training visa to include your dependents will be looked at favorably if you can offer evidence of your dependent’s relationship with you. For example, if you wish to add your spouse to your application for a training visa, you may be required to submit a marriage certificate.
  • There must be no adverse history for the dependent.
  • You must be able to support your dependents financially and provide them with adequate housing in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong training visa extensions

Since the Hong Kong Immigration Department has certain conditions and grounds for granting permissions, it can be difficult for a Hong Kong training visa extension to be given after the training program. Consequently, it is crucial to submit a Hong Kong training visa application in which the entire training plan may be carried out thoroughly, with all prescribed scope and activities, and in which the next required staying time will not be granted for at least 12 months.

As the training visa only permits the applicant to enter Hong Kong for specified training, extension of the Hong Kong training visa is typically not possible after the initial training period expires, and visa holders are compelled to leave Hong Kong and return to their home country. The extension of the Hong Kong training visa is infrequent.

The Training Visa does not provide Hong Kong foreigners with long-term employment visas. Once your training is complete, you are expected to return to your home country. Extremely infrequently are an extension to Hong Kong Training Visas granted.

  • You can bring your spouse and children under 18 to Hong Kong.
  • Your dependents may work and attend school in Hong Kong.
  • You may reside in Hong Kong and undergo training for up to a year to improve your skill set and field specialty.
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  • We care for your Hong Kong training visa application‘s consulting and logistics. Once we receive your application, our advisors will cooperate with visa applicants and their sponsors to collect all necessary information and documentation and liaise with the Hong Kong Immigration Department to process your case.

Additional information:

Training Visas are for interns or trainees to station in a company in Hong Kong to receive their necessary training. The visa validity depends on the training program submitted to Immigration. The program is required to be broken down into weeks and to indicate clearly what sort of training will be offered each week. The maximum period for a training visa is 12 months, which can be extended up to 12 months.

A training visa cannot be switched to an employment visa! A training visa is for non-experienced individuals with relevant experience in a specific area, which contradicts the requirement of an employment visa for professionals. Training visa holders are only eligible for an HKID card if their visas are initially issued for more than six months.

Before you begin the Hong Kong training visa procedure application, you must be informed of and well-prepared for the training visa’s specific requirements and limits.

Comparatively, Hong Kong officials issue training visas expeditiously with the proper documents. The essence of the accreditation test for training visas is whether or not the applicant’s home nation sponsors the subject’s original form. In contrast, the scope and duration of training must be deemed reasonable under all circumstances.

Under a Hong Kong training visa, the applicant’s maximum stay period is 12 months but is typically approved for six months. The final allowed length of stay will depend solely on the scope and timeline of the training plan contained in the application.

The primary goal of this visa category is to allow applicants to come to Hong Kong to gain specialized education and training, which the Hong Kong-based employer must provide. This training and education must be acquired in Hong Kong. There is no requirement that the length of the partnership is planned. The Department of Immigration, on the other hand, believes that there is a rational relationship between the parties submitting such applications and the Hong Kong-based firms that will ultimately carry out or give the training locally.

Therefore, the training plan within the application is necessary and acts as the process’s most important record. It significantly decides the length of stay and justifies approving a visa for a particular individual. For a Hong Kong training visa application to succeed, a properly written and comprehensive training plan must be provided alongside the application.