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Hong Kong is a well-established international hub, which attracts talents, professionals, and entrepreneurs from all over the world to work and reside here in Hong Kong. ... HkPro Business Solutions offers a full array of professional visa and work permit services, so providing our clients, whether they are individuals or enterprises, with a streamlined one-stop solution. Our knowledge and comprehensive services enable us to provide a seamless process and high success rate. Let us assure a hassle-free approach for you, so that you can focus on building your business or advancing your career. Read more

HkPro Business Solutions

Provides Hong Kong Work Visa and Immigration Services to foreigners living and doing business in Hong Kong (HK).

HkPro is one of the most experienced Hong Kong Visa Agents and Immigration Consultant. In contrast to other law firms in Hong Kong, where immigration services are merely one of several offerings, we focus exclusively on this area.

By focusing solely on Hong Kong immigration and Hong Kong visa services, we are able to have our visa consulting staff devote their time just to aiding you in satisfying your immigration needs, hence removing the bottleneck linked to bureaucracy often observed in other consulting firms.

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Your trusted immigration consultant and visa services partner in Hong Kong!

Our company was established in 2016 with the dedicated mission of offering quality Hong Kong immigration and visa services. Our visa consultants have over 15 years of experience in the visa consultancy industry. We specialize in providing various immigration consultant services to individual and corporate clients from over 80 countries.

With a nearly 100% success rate, we provide complete confidence to our clients by offering FULL REFUND for cases we assessed at the initial pre-consultation phase that can complete successfully. In the case that these cases are considered unsuccessful, we will make a FULL refund to our clients.

Free Initiation Consultation

We offer a free initial consultation to assess case feasibility and determine your success rate at the beginning. There are absolutely no hidden costs.

We are a leading provider of working visa services. Our Hong Kong immigration agents manage the end-to-end administrative process to enable our clients to obtain their work visas and immigration papers.

We offer a free initial consultation to assess case feasibility and determine your success rate at the beginning. There are absolutely no hidden costs.

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This is what we can do for you

HkPro offers the following Hong
Kong visa services:

Employment Visa

Who is it for?

Foreign nationals employed by a Hong Kong registered business.


  • A position with a Hong Kong company that cannot be easily filled by the local workforce;
  • Job experience evidence of relevant job experience.
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Investment Visa

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs who wish to start, invest or operate a business in HK.


  • HK company background;
  • Detailed business plan;
  • Job opportunities created for the local workforce.
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Dependent Visa

Who is it for?

Family member (spouse or unmarried children under age of 18) of a sponsor who is a HK permanent resident or who possesses the right to work / reside in HK.


  • Sponsor’s financial proof;
  • Proof of relationship between sponsor and dependent.
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Training Visa

Who is it for?

Foreign nationals to complete a specialized training program in Hong Kong


  • Detailed training plan
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Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

Who is it for?

People with exceptional atonies Or skins in their areas of protessionailsm


  • Achieve the minimum required score in the General Points Test or the Achievement-based Points Test
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We take care of the entire administrative process.

The Visa and immigration application process is a long process that often takes, taking Employment visa as an example, 4-6 weeks to complete and varies depending on the case’s complexity and type of visa involved. The application process is complex and is only sometimes comprehensible to newcomers or foreigners that are used to the specificities of Hong Kong bureaucracy and administration.

The application process and authorizations thereof are under the control of the Immigration Department. To help you navigate this process, we offer 1-on-1 tailored care to keep our clients informed in all stages of the application process.


Pre-service consultation to assess your case.


Documents preparation.


Present your case and submission to Immigration.


Collect Visa & completion of application.

Strong commitment to responsive and proactive communication

We are aware that during the process, you want to understand how things are going with your application. Our immigration agents are dedicated to ensuring your emails / other messaging like WhatsApp plus other means of communication will be responded to within an exact day.

Simple structure with no delay on visa applications

HkPro is a small but highly reputable Hong Kong immigration consultant firm, sometimes being referred as an immigration agency / visa agency. As an established Hong Kong immigration agency / visa agency, we take advantage of the fact that our company is relatively small so that we have the flexibility to handle time-sensitive applications without any delay. Without having to go through a laborious and time-consuming company approval process, our immigration agents are easily able to reorganize our resources so that we can address pressing challenges. After we have collected all relevant documents, we will ensure that visa applications will be submitted to Immigration within twenty-four hours.

Enhance the probability of successful outcomes.

Besides helping our clients save time, we avoid the necessity to deal directly with the Immigration Department, and we enhance the probability of success in obtaining their working visas and enjoying their immigration rights. Because of the experience our immigration consultants has in Hong Kong visa services, we understand what the essential items required for the Immigration Department to accept and authorize applications generally are.

The first application is critical

When applying for a work visa/employment visa, there is nothing more important than getting things done right the first time. This is essential since a case denial would not only affect the current applicant but also diminish the chances of future applicants from the same organization. Also, once an application has been submitted to Immigration, it is difficult to file an appeal if the case is denied. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of submitting an application correctly and ticking all checkboxes that meet all of the Immigration Department's requirements on the first try.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nationals of around 170 nations and territories may visit Hong Kong without a visa/entry permission for 7 to 180 days. Please refer to the “Visit Visa / Entry Permit Requirements for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region” webpage for details on visa/entry permit requirements for HKSAR tourists.

  • One of the primary reasons is that there are many various types of Work visas in Hong Kong, yet you might not know which type is appropriate for your situation. It is essential to remember that if you submit an application for the incorrect visa and it is denied, it may be tough to appeal the case and get your visa accepted after the denial. This is something you should keep in mind.
  • Another value our visa services can help your submission is the direct interaction that our Hong Kong visa agency / Hong Kong immigration agency team has with the Hong Kong government officer. Our Hong Kong visa agents and Hong Kong immigration agents are highly knowledgeable about the requirements of the various types of visas and the corresponding steps in preparing and presenting the client’s case to the Immigration Department. We offer a free first consultation in advance and our visa agents would evaluate your case and let you know how high the success rate is and the papers you should prepare. This consultation is part of our commitment to providing excellent customer service.
  • If you need assistance with planning your relocation to Hong Kong, you could consult and get advice from one of our Visa Agent / immigration agents in Hong Kong
  • HkPro Business Solution is a Hong Kong Visa Agency, otherwise known as an Immigration agency. Every visa agent of our company can help you to handle your applications from start to finish.
  • We are an experienced immigration agency / visa agency that assists professionals, families, and individuals in obtaining the correct Hong Kong visa.

There are four most prevalent types of working visas in Hong Kong: Employment Visa, Investment as Entrepreneurs Visa, Dependant Visa, and Training Visa.

Employment Visa: Employment visas are necessary if a foreign national works in a firm registered in Hong Kong. The applicants are already required to have employment in Hong Kong that has been provided to them, which cannot be filled by someone quickly from the local labour market.

Investment Visa: An application for an Investment Visa can be made by business people who want to create a company in Hong Kong or join an existing company. The applicants need to be the proprietors of a company they want to run out of Hong Kong and demonstrate an intention to reside there permanently. The candidates are expected to meet the general criteria of having their businesses registered in Hong Kong and possessing a comprehensive business plan for their respective enterprises. The company needs to provide a significant and long-lasting contribution to the economy of Hong Kong.

Dependent Visa: A sponsor who is a Hong Kong permanent resident or resident who is not subject to a limit of stay, who has been admitted into Hong Kong to take up employment or study, or who is permitted to remain in Hong Kong as a capital investment entrant, may bring along their spouse and any unmarried dependent children under the age of 18 for residence in Hong Kong. This only applies to sponsors who meet all of the criteria mentioned above. During living in Hong Kong, the spouse who was granted a Dependent visa is permitted to engage in gainful employment there.

Training Visa: The training visa is intended for trainees who will be training in a respectable business in Hong Kong that can also deliver the suggested training. The training needs to demonstrate that they are exceptional programs that provide skills and information that are not readily available in the applicant’s native country.

No, you can only work legally in Hong Kong after the employment visa is granted and activated.

We are ready to estimate the success rate after the initial evaluation and may therefore give a money-back guarantee. In general, if we give a 100 percent money-back guarantee, our visa agency / immigration agency team are extremely confident that the application will be accepted. In the event that your application is not accepted, we will reimburse your entire payment (terms and conditions of the Engagement Letter apply).

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